Mark_01. What is this all about?

The first question that has certainly popped in your head!


All-in-between-the-spaces is a journey. A journey which has begun just like any other. A journey, of which you have no set frame as to how you’ll plan it and still there is this small checklist you are holding on to, right from the day your tickets were finally booked!!

Ah, that night, full of dreams and the day, with this broad smile of mine plastered throughout the clock, also with inquisitive people wondering “why is this change!? Seriously! Why?”

_Spaces_ is going to be about everything that is already there. All the words, experiences, thoughts, feelings, emotions, truth and all the lies already present with us. We are all well aware of everything going around and about, there is nothing new to it! But! What we fail to comprehend is that there are certain *let’s call them- spaces* in between everything that is said or done. And within these spaces is another universe of stories and happenings, honesty and deceit, perceptions and facts, portrayals and the plain truth that there is.

  • The mission here is to present an array of these spaces beautifully for the reader.

Watch closely for the next space.

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