1 month post my last post!

Good Evening Folks!

Yes! It has been more than a month since I last posted on my webpage. Apologies, for I had been very much occupied with certain engagements but now I’m all yours. The idea is to work on this for as much time as possible and even more than what is required.

For the plan, as of now, it is going to be about those two areas which make up for almost all our lives. These are an integral part of us. We find recluse in these, they being our holy shrine. Either this or that, they help us escape our routine and monotonous schedules daily and so, the blog posts here will be one entertaining ride off-life.

We would be discussing #1 Movies and #2 Books (obviously!) For those who know me, well they might have quite certainly guessed these two, or at least #2.

These will be the basic two areas I’ll be covering in my blogs.

For movies, it will be all about the unsuccessful Movie-buff title, which I couldn’t retain to self. I’ll be working religiously for it and will be posting updates on my takes on the movies I watch. The content will be a surprise package. No spoilers on that!

And for Books, it will be about the books I’ll be reading, covering all the genres I could, updating, posting, and quoting them. Living the characters, their story-line and walking through the plot, with daily updates, as and when required.

W.r.t. the title ‘spaces’, the movies/books here are the blank ones, each having their own universe inside, the blank spaces which make up our entire being in a way or another.

You come to them, and they are made of you.

Now, acknowledging them in the most purest form of words, in the beauty of sentences, will get this space filled. And these little ones in their own special way will unveil themselves.

Let’s take this ride, together.

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