Mark 02. _My Take on the movie- ‘Tamasha’_

“Andar se kuch aur hi hain hum, aur bahaar se majboor”

One fine day had passed, and very religiously, following my daily routine, I selected a random movie, got under the sheets, and in the air-conditioned personal theater setup, I started with this movie, of which, I was honestly very unsure of. The thread that pulled me to it was obviously Imtiaz Ali.

The movie begins with “Tirkith taal se lo chali kahaani….”

It was the same day when my mind was troubled with this very innocent understanding that it’s the same story everywhere. My family members are discussing the new bride-to-be’s skin color and there was this movie, based on a foreign location which I had seen the day before, on racism, some 12 years a slave, it said. Both the stories seemed same to me. It disturbed me somehow, of how neither with time, nor location, have humans changed. They are simply the same. Every single place, it’s the same people and the same stories.

Coming back to present description.

The first point where I was mesmerized with the entire plot was how beautifully it showed a boy, wandering off in the neighborhood, collecting and saving money to listen to this Story-teller under the tree shades. That was his daily routine, listening stories of all genres from this charismatic person of a storyteller, one who was very fond of his job in the first place. And it was then that it had my entire attention, when he said that all stories are the same, everywhere. It was like the universe was ascertaining to my pure life-observation.

There are numerous elements in the movie which only add to the excellent masterpiece it already is from the very first scene. The genie dancing to the tune of “Chali Kahaani”, with the credits mentioning “Original Score- A.R.Rehman” alongside, the kid running with his arms spread like a flight to the stars in the beginning and the same way in the end when realization doomed upon him, that only he was the masterof his fate, with the universe dancing to “Hukum mere aaka”.

Amidst a very innocent love-story of a couple, searching for life in their pseudo-ones, they find recluse in each other. A getaway for Tara Maheshwari, searching for answers she cannot otherwise dare ask herself but brave enough to answer them later, on her own. And one with our Ved Rajwardhan Sahani, Product Manager, MCM Tech.

They met in this place, ‘dil-aur-duniya-se-door’, only to be separated by vows made to make their ‘kahaani-hatke’ from the rest. Tara lived with the memories of Ved, ‘chaar saal! Kya possible hai, aisa feel karna!’ After which she made him realise that he was not the one whom she met the last time, he was someone else, someone of whom probably he himself was not aware of. Then begun the chaotic heartbreak scenes, the one where the hero shouts and runs to the jungle, shouting “Laila! Laila!” on the tops.

There are movies which inspire you, then there are some with which you fall in love with that they bring a smile to your face, some with the goosebumps in the climax scenes, some that will leave you teary-eyed and then only some, maybe some tens in a lifetime or so, which will make you weep unapologetically. You’ll burst into streams of cries, and you’ll just cry. Cry your heart out, like there’s no one watching. This emotion probably comes from somewhere deep in your heart, that place which you never even knew existed, that place which a Tara touched unknowingly in her ‘smartness’. That cord which shook you so well that you knew that wherever you are, it is temporary. You are not the product manager, coming to your boss- ‘phirse, roz, tie pehenke, wahi karunga jo aap bolo’ type. You are not. And you don’t belong to that place. The place where you are right in this moment is not to be called yours. It can simply never be. “Toh! Faek bikherun apna sab kuch. Kiske khaatir! Kisse chahiye, mann ka sona, aankh ki moti, kisse padi hai! Andar kya hai1! Hoti raet hai. Lagta paani.”

Woven very beautifully in the script is its message- “Kaunse rang ka dil hai tera? Kya chahta hai?” Portrayed through young Ved, for he is the real hero when he directs his older self, standing in front of the mirror, perplexed with the dead-end situation after his dad berated him for leaving his job and doing ‘nothing for 6 months’, questioning “ab aage kya??”. Younger Ved helps him find answers, to complete his story by running to the Storyteller under the tree, as he always knows, “wahi bataega aage kya hota hai!” Now, Ved runs, for his life and meets him,and finally gets to know the universally-displayed yet tainted with our-reality, the truth. And here comes my favorite part with the Storyteller questioning Ved instead with “Apni kahani mujhse puch raha hai! kaayar! Tu bata aage kya hota hai! Kya hai tere dil ke andar! Chahta kya hai tu?”

“Dil main heer liye, aur heer khoje viraane main”   

A perfect blend of Imtiaz Ali, A.R. Rehman, Irshad Kamil, Alka Yagnik, Arijit Singh, Ranbir Kapoor (Ved) and of course the leading lady, Deepika Padukone (Tara). One Tamasha it is. Indeed.

Go watch it again, not only for the love of movies, but for the unretiring love for Imtiaz Ali. Because this kind of magic live and grow, only in his screenplays.

“Toh, shuru karein?”

Shuru karte hain, in order to remove the space between what our reality is, and how we want it to be!

*whistles triumphantly*

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