Mark 03. _Movie Review: ‘The Sky is Pink’ has a convincing stay on life, love and loss._

I did not want the lights to be turned on. Because, most importantly I had cried immensely. I could feel my face flushed, mind dazed and I was just not prepared to face the world yet so soon, or them to see mine.

“The Sky is Pink” is one marvelous movie. Certainly one, that will walk with you for a long time. Its central theme is a family drama where this particular couple is going through the difficult medical treatment of their just-born child. Already having lost their eldest daughter with the same diagnosis arising as a result of a faulty genetic coupling, they are determined to go through whatever-it-takes to give this child the life she deserves.

There are numerous notes which the movie touches on with its central idea. The heart-wrenching feeling of losing your child, or worst, powerlessly watching them go through hell. Every minute on the clock. When you see your child suffering and knowing that you cannot move a hair to another inch, that gives you another feeling, much greater than just ‘helpless’.

So enchantingly presented through the life of The Chaudhary’s, Shonali Bose leaves you overwhelmed with bursting emotions of love and loss. Love is what made this couple strong enough to live the life. Only to be handed over to its loss.

With our self-acclaimed antagonist’s voice-over from the very first scene, she’ll take you through her parent’s lives. It is filled with ‘fun-facts’, humorous takes on incidents, blatant truths, happiness, innocence, love and above all, the ‘presence of Aisha Chaudhary’ to feel for which she convinces her parents till the end. For life does not end here and we’ve got to live with it.      

This movie will take you through Aditi’s journey as a mother, who’s left with no meaning to her ‘life’, no chores to run for, no heart to feel for. And this happens after she loses her full-time occupation, (working triple shifts daily) of caring for her child, for 18 years. And now, with her child no more around, she’s left empty from inside, as of what to do next. Only, later to be told by her daughter herself, that no matter the physicality of the ‘present’, screaming with naked, cold, absence, she’s always there. There is a beautiful scene where Aditi is shaken with the events and is sitting in front of the mirror, absorbing the sad reality in one second, and in the next, puts on her makeup, recollects her stature and is back as a mother, ready to face and fight everything for her children. She surprises them with a puppy as a gift for her daughter which she had been wanting since childhood.

With Aditi and Niren, it depicts more than their love story. It shows of the love that builds between a mother and a father. For they go through their children’s thick and thin, blood and bones, living not only their own, but of their children as well. When it comes to family, everything else is for later. They stay strong above every other emotion to care for their child, to give her a life like any other’s.

While watching the movie, you will come across dialogues and sentences, that’ll remind you of personal experiences.

There are scenes in the movie where the familial relations are so purely portrayed. Scared little Aisha calls her brother and tells him that she didn’t ‘want’ to die; and then he goes on to console her through their own affectionate shenanigans, that the entire family will be following her ‘up’ soon. This was not the end. He cries and screams after their conversation ended and this is the reality, where you act all bravely guarded in front of your loved ones, but instead, are equally, vulnerably broken every single time.

Among those special movies, which stay with you forever, taking a quiet corner in your heart, ‘The Sky is Pink’ will make you run to your family and hug them tight. It will tell you to live your life unapologetically happily. And most significantly, it will remind you of the brevity of human life and the unavoidable consequences to living it.

Go watch this movie to find out the lovely message for the title so named, also, the end credits will make you smile, with all the tears rolling down your heavy eyes, the smile will come. With the original song from Aisha’s brother and her real-life pictures, you won’t want the lights turned on, too. I can bet on that.

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