Mark 05. _The Great Flood in Mythologies and the 21st century_

It all goes back to your roots. 

While reading ancient words of wisdom in modern literature, I came across this veritable piece.

The Great Flood- the beginning and end of the human race.

This did not particularly strike me familiar at once but eventually going through with it, snippets from childhood memories were recollected in flashbacks. Each one of us might have heard or read of this concept in some form or the other, at least once from our elders through our upbringing.

So, the Great Flood is that chapter from your mythology’s script, from and after which civilizations ended and began respectively, weighing more on the ended part;

because we associate calamities with destruction rather than revivals.

This Great Flood myth has been referred to in almost all existing cultures existing in the world. They have documented its occurrence in a certain era relative to the other’s , Be it Pralaya in Hinduism, the Gun-Yu in Chinese mythology, Maya peoples in Mesoamerica or Bergelmir in Norse mythology, each very specifically mentions the massive disaster which destroyed every living being on earth, putting an end to the human race, for a completely new era began after it. All the mythologies have the ‘subject’ common only with changed character names.

The underlying notion in all mythologies is the Flood which destroyed all life forms on earth. The flood was the result of appalling and inhuman, human activities which angered the Gods to such an extent that they decided to end such rootless existence. And there was one righteous man to whom the omen was conveyed and instructed by the God himself to start life anew.

This constant concept is written down in all cultures. Be it through Noah from the Hebrew Bible or Manu from the Puranas, the first man of the preceding civilization is the same. Here we have God Yahweh and on another coast there is Lord Vishnu warning their respective men of the impending disaster to come and it is for them to save the animals and seeds and a few other people. Whether it is on Noah’s ark or through the Lord in the form of Matsya, life is saved.

Vedic scriptures are documented insights that when God is angered to the extent of devastation, He’s the one who paves the path as well, guiding the erring human to begin again.

This flood motif only adds to one of the special features of my love for Mark02 in my blog, that all stories are the same everywhere,

It is said that after the flood, a rainbow appeared. The rainbow is symbolic of the promise God made to not repeat the Great Flood. But are we pushing Mother Nature to the extent of self-destruction. In this century itself, the calamities that the world is facing is increasing alarmingly. We are exposed to numerous outbursts from the land and ocean. Right now, with heavy rains and floods in various parts of the country so frequently and specifically at ‘this’ time of the year, all I can think of is are we recreating the past?

The current state of affairs has forced me to contemplate if the Great Flood is coming, in installments now?

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